Reference - AZ Zeno Knokke - Lynx Connect

AZ Zeno Knokke

Here LynX® Connect was implemented with over 450 Samsung XCOVER4 devices for operation with all alarms, coming from all systems such as nurse call, RTLS, GBS, medical apparatus, access control, etc. We also provide this customer with an entire Mitel MiVoice Business installation which offers all telephony and videophony. Ranging from operator software reception to permanent devices for employees. In order to complete communicationflows the customer uses a bed transport function on LynX® Connect connected to the patient's file. The Wi-Fi network was installed by us in a single channel architecture. The result is Europe's first hospital to work entirely paperless over Wi-Fi, to use Wi-Fi calling via smartphone and to enjoy a seamless transition to the mobile phone when leaving the campus.

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