About LynX® Connect

Alarm and communication platform

Do you want to guarantee and optimize the smooth operation within your company? It is precisely for that reason that we take care of the installation of our LynX® ecosystem within your working environment. LynX® Connect stands for the smart generation of an alarm signal, user-friendliness, efficiency and provides an extensible system. Processing 100,000 alarms per day and sending them simultaneously to 9,000 users is no problem. We support the efficient functioning of your company.

Generate the smart alarm

LynX® Connect takes the profile of your business and the specific needs of users into account in order to optimise digital communication. It combines, detects and analyses all alarms and responds to or communicates with the customer. LynX® Connect functions as a top layer on top of all other systems, meaning that one application increases response speed and minimises the risk of human error.

The benefits of LynX® Connect

Integrated and expandable system

The LynX® platform has an open and modular architecture that works in combination with most existing alarm systems. Thanks to the integration of current and future interfaces, previously-made investments can be recouped. The modular structure makes it possible to spread investments, and build them up one at a time. In addition, buttons and sensors can be added to extend your system, for an even more intelligent approach.

Guaranteed operation

The LynX® Connect technology always works, without failure, thanks to its redundant set-up. If the internet connection is temporarily interrupted, the system switches to the mobile network, text and voice messages. Communication between users remains guaranteed at all times, meaning that every notification and alert immediately reaches the right person.

LynX® Server

The LynX® Server has been designed to be fail-safe, to ensure the continuous process of detection, analysis, alarm processing and communication. In order to ensure a truly comprehensive system, the server set-up and the communication connection have been designed in such a way that staff members and care recipients can always reach each other effortlessly and from anywhere.


The LynX® Server cluster set-up makes it possible to connect multiple servers to one coherent virtual system, regardless of where they are located. This redundant set-up ensures continuous and optimum operation. In the event that one of the servers fails, the other servers guarantee the continuity of the LynX® Ecosystem.

User-friendly system

The user-friendly applications help the staff to perform their work as effectively as possible. LynX® Connect supports electronic patient files (EPDs), medical imaging and an IoT module. The abbreviated number concept helps simplify communication. Using location pinpointing, caregivers know the exact location of the emergency, right down to the room. This is a crucial advantage in the event of an attack on staff, equipment that goes missing, or a patient in an emergency situation.

Configurable per profile


LynX® devices are equipped with a LynX® Client application. This unique application makes it possible to integrate standard Android devices into a professional environment. Depending on the position of the employee, certain rights and access to specific information can be granted.


Using the visionary LynX® technology enhances the productivity of staff. This enhanced productivity is reflected in lower costs across the board and a positive ROI. Not to mention the fact that productive employees will stay on board longer, which can only benefit staff retention.

Real-time information

In today's complex world, continuous learning is a must. Using a system to capture real-time information is extremely useful in collecting feedback, gaining insights and sharing knowledge throughout the organisation. The LynX® system keeps staff continually up-to-date, meaning that every member of staff is always aware of the status of an alarm situation, wherever they may be. The processes within the organisation improve, and staff cooperation is enhanced. Not only does this make it possible to make time gains, but it also ensures security of care.