Alarm and communication platform – LynX® Connect

LynX® Connect for your healthcare institution

A flexible and versatile alarm and communication solution specifically developed for the care sector

intelligent devices, maximum ease of use

LynX Interface

The user-friendly interface of the LynX® Client software helps caregivers avoid errors and displays vital information prominently.


It is possible to easily consult and respond to alarms, based on the menu and the response buttons. LynX® Connect offers a wide range of possibilities in this respect:


  • Deactivating the alarm
  • Confirming the alarm: The alarm disappears from the device and is not repeated.
  • Ignoring or postponing the alarm: The alarm disappears from the device but is repeated after a certain number of seconds.
  • Callback: When a phone number is linked to the alarm, this number is sent with the alarm message. When this option is pressed, the phone automatically dials the indicated number.
  • Activating the camera: When a camera is linked to an alarm, a photo is sent with the alarm message. If this photo is pressed, the camera is activated.


The system communicates the decision taken to the other receivers, meaning that every member of staff is aware of the emergency situation at all times.